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What to Expect

In most cases, your first meeting with us will be in our office. This gives patients the opportunity to discuss their medical history, problems, and treatment options with our team in a relaxed environment.

Filling out your our new patient forms ahead of time will help expedite your office visit. One of our team members will greet you and let you know if we have all of the needed information. You will then meet with one of our medical team members. Dr. Chander will discuss treatment and testing options with you. Our highly trained administrative team will then assist you with scheduling recommended testing and/or procedures. In most cases, these will be scheduled for a later date.

Prescription Refills

Our office requires you to come in for an office visit at least once a year if you are on continuing prescription medication. If you have seen us within the year and have no more refills on your medication, please have your pharmacy contact us to request a refill.


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